Marine Surveyors

Mars Maritime Services & Inspection established on June’2008 with a group of Marine professional who served at sea for a long period and having good knowledge on shipping cargo and shipping sector under Mars shipping & logistics . The company involved in various service activities which include Surveys, Lashing, Attendance to Hook Point, Break Bulk operations, Car Carriers and various other additional services that include setting up a small repair workshop facility. We are in a position to offer our professional services to carry out load & light draft survey, Hull Damage survey, On hire & Off hire survey, Pre-shipment inspection of cargoes, Lashing and securing of cargoes, Stability calculation, Cargo and cargo post landing Inspection, Cargo Damage & average adjustment, Container inspection or surveys, Cargo lifting gear and other equipment survey, Fuel, Ballast, & ullage survey including tanker cargo, Refer hold & refer container survey, Dangerous goods survey, Bulk cargo pre voyage inspection, Evaluation of general condition of ship, Break bulk survey, Pre voyage inspection of ship & Inspection of imported and export goods.

It quickly developed to be the market leading Inspection Company for any type of shipments in Bangladesh. The company gradually expanding and over the year it gained comprehensive knowledge and experience within this business area.

In this year the company has expanded further and has included in its inspection services a wide range of products transported by sea. The company is today well established and offers several services within the transportation and inspection sector. As the variety of services offered has increased the company now cooperates closely with several inspection and verification companies both nationally and internationally.

In addition to our team of experienced surveyors within the grain, seeds and dry bulk field the company has today a well trained group of inspectors, mainly ex ship’s officers, with extensive experience from the maritime field, international inspection companies and from cargo handling at all levels, from a wide range of ship types.

It is an international commercial custom that traded quantities of bulk cargo such as iron ore, coal, steel scrap, grain and some specific quantities of liquid cargoes are determined by draft survey. During a draft survey, cargo quantities are calculated based on the change of ship's drafts between different stages in the loading or discharging process by using the scales and hydrostatic property tables on board the ship. This convenient method is universally adopted as the most efficient and reliable way of measuring the cargo quantity where accurate product properties such as density and stowage factor are not reliable.

We use internationally recognized methods and modern equipment for measuring the necessary variables for an accurate outcome. Our draft survey methods are in accordance with the UN standards layed out in ECE/ENERGY/19. We specialize in managing survey activities for Ports of Chittagong & Mongla. We have expertise in managing complete survey's at Kutubdia, Chittagong outer anchorage, At any berth in Chittagong port & In Mongla port.

We are Certified Marine Surveyor (GOVT. LICENSED) and Loss Assessors

  • Member of the Institute of Marine Technologists
  • Member of the Institute of Surveyors and Adjustors
  • Our team of experienced staff headed by senior supervisors, coupled with Master Mariners & Chief engineer to ensure quality professional service is rendered to our valued clients round the clock.

List of some survey done !

  • Bunker survey done under the bunker analysis company “Viswa Lab , Singapore” and their authorized surveyor in Bangladesh.
  • Condition survey, off hire & on hire survey of M.V.Nina, Hawlk,De Shan and so many chartered vessel.
  • ISM audit of M.V.Nina under the instruction of “Stella shipping Ltd,Denmark.
  • Load and Light Draft survey done at Hellas Marine fleets, Total shipping
  • Load and Light draft survey done at Sunmoon Shipping International Limited & Saraf Shipping
  • Continuous monitoring of cargo loading supervised on board the vessel of M.v.Nina at berth no.7, Stella Moon At Kolkata & Vanessa A at Safi, Morocco
  • Port captaincy of M.V.Nina, Stella Moon, Hawlk, De Shan, Asia R while the vessel at Chittagong port for loading and discharging operation

List of company which appoint at regular intervals

  • - Hellas Marine services Ltd.
  • - Sunmoon Shipping International Limited
  • - Rainbow shipping Lines
  • - Elite shipping, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • - Mariners Shipping
  • - Total shipping Ltd.
  • - Saraf Shipping
  • - Litmond Shipping
  • - Victoria Shipping
  • - Hai Shipping

Lashing of steel coils on board the vessels / containers:

  • Lashing of HRC, CRC, PIPES, plates etc on board the vessel and into containers, as per international standards.
  • We have Complete set of imported tools /equipments, materials for lashing
  • Completed lashing of near to a million ton of steel cargo without any adverse claims.

Survey Services

  • Pilot-age from Kutubdia to Chittagong outer anchorage and Mongla pilot
  • Draft Survey/Inspection
  • Deadweight Survey/Inspections
  • Deadweight calculation
  • Survey/Inspection & Issues of Ullage & Weight
  • Cargo Contamination Investigations
  • Port Captaincy for cargo operation
  • Approval & Issues of Quality & Weight Certificates
  • Bunker Survey/Inspection Inspection/Survey services
  • Crude oil vessels Survey/Inspection
  • New Ship Building Supervision
  • Hull & Machinery damages inspection/Survey
  • Supervision, Survey of repairs
  • Investigation & Analysis of causes & circumstances of incidents & accidents
  • Paint & Coatings, Corrosion inspection, Survey
  • Pre-Purchase Vessel Condition Survey/Inspection
  • On-hire, Off-hire & condition Survey/Inspection
  • P&I Survey/Inspection
  • Dry-docking Survey/Inspection
  • Superintendents
  • Marine consultants
  • Free gas Inspection
  • Survey/Inspection to damage and/or loss to lash barges lighters causing by collision
  • Survey/Inspection & approval of towage & stowage, lashing
  • Seaworthiness condition Survey/Inspection
  • On-hire, Off-hire & condition of container Survey/Inspections
  • Investigation of causes pollution
  • Investigation of causes damage reasons
  • Reports to damage extent / preventing and overcoming to handling consequence of pollution
  • Superintendence to handling & stowage
  • Pre-loading cargo Survey/Inspection
  • Planning & stowage Survey/Inspections
  • Inspection & supervision of weight, packing of bulk cargo
  • Quantity tally
  • Damage & loss prevention inspection/survey to goods
  • Tanks, holds inspection
  • Inspection of weight, quantity, condition, quality, dimension, packing, marking & export / Import cargo / tally & Supervision on loading/discharge
  • Disputes concerned to cargo outturn
  • Damage and/or loss of cargo Survey/inspection
  • Survey/Inspection & report of collision
  • Loss extent/ Survey/Inspection of damage covered by P&I insurance.
  • Pre-loading Inspection
  • Watertight hatch cover survey/inspection
  • Cleanness holds survey/inspection
  • Damaged cargo assessment & estimate
  • Inspection & supervision of goods loading/discharging
  • Marine Survey/inspection

Background of Surveyors

Capt. Alauddin Al Azad

He is Marine Academy 25Th Batch cadet and started his carrier at 1990 and maximum time he has served in ‘OSM ship management”. He is the Proprietor of the company and he served as a master on board the vessel of “OSM” Ship management for a long period and his total sea carrier is about twenty Years. He procured his class- 1 FG certificate from UK and completed his HND certificate from south Tyneside college,UK.

In his sea Carrier he sailed as a ch.officer and a master for a period of nine years and in his professional carrier maximum time he sailed on Bulk carrier. He got good knowledge about the quality of break bulk cargo and also extensive knowledge about to ascertained the quantity of cargoes.

He has worked in a various survey company when he was on leave. Later on June’08 he has formed his own company “Mars Maritime services & Inspection” as a consultancy firm on Shipping sector. Later he expanded his business towards Survey sector. He used to do Bunker survey, Vessel condition survey, Draft survey, Damage survey, Off hire & on hire survey and various marine related surveys.

Beginning of this year one marine engineer and two master mariner joined in his company in order to strengthen his survey business.

Engr. Md. Shahed Hossain

He is Marine academy 25Th Batch cadet and worked as a ch.Eng in a world class company. Maximum time of his sea carrier he worked in car carriers and got good knowledge about transportation of motor vehicle and good knowledge about various type of engine. He also procured his MBA from Canada and continued giving his best effort to elevate the company in order to become the leading survey company in Bangladesh. He has done the full project.

  • Project prepared for garment Industry as “Sustainable environmentally, economically and socially for Future world.”
  • Devising new marketing strategy for HRC tea.
  • Project implementation using risk assessment and analysis and prototype

By using his professional wisdom and the shore side experience he is giving his big hand to glorify the company.

Engr. Md. Nur Mohammad

He is Marine academy 26Th Batch cadet and worked as a ch.Eng in a world class company. Maximum time of his sea carrier he worked in bulk carriers and got good knowledge about bulk cargoes and good knowledge about various type of engine. He is our full time surveyor.

Engr. Md Shahjahan Chowdhury

He is Marine Academy 25Th Batch cadet and sailed as a Chief Engineer for three years and total sea service more then 15 years in MSC, Barber Ship Management, One Herd Shipping Management Singapore and Bangladesh Shipping Corporation, Chittagong.

Working Experience as ISM internal Auditor, Various Condition survey, Bunker, Draft , Quantity, quality and damaged survey under different companies.

Special Trained in : Hydraulics system, Pneumatics and Electrical systems from IMTC, Mumbai. ISM, ISPS, STCW, Shipboard Management, internal audit, Marpol regulations and Implementations.


He has good experience of tech superintendent and DPA at foreign shipping company and by using his professional wisdom he is making the company as a quality management company.

Capt. A. N. M. Mostafa Kamal Chowdhury

He is Marine Academy 26Th batch cadet and started his sea carrier 1992 and served mainly at “K Line shipping” throughout his carrier. He got good experience of container related cargo as he has sailed maximum time at Container vessel. As a master he has sailed about three years at Container vessel and become expert at container handling, stowage and container related any job.

He used to do the load and light draft survey job and sometime he goes for container handling supervision job.

Capt. Al Mamun

He is Marine Academy 26Th batch cadet and started his sea carrier 1992 and served mainly at “Wallem Ship Management” throughout his carrier. He got good experience of bulk cargo as he has sailed maximum time at Bulk Carrier. As a master he has sailed about three years at Bulk Carrier.

Staff standby at Sea Beach:

We have got Ten nos tally and attending staff to monitor the discharging operation at Chittagong and Kutubdia outer anchorage. We also have the escort service from Chittagong to any part in Bangladesh with the lighter age vessel. In case of emergency our all surveyors and staff attend the vessel without any delay.